Once a disciple went for begging. He walked begging until the late night and got nothing. Moreover, he has been fully Exhausted by hunger at night, he went to the Guru (Teacher) and became angry with Ishwar for not receiving any alms.

Angrily, he said to the Guru: "I am no longer ready to depend on Ishwar. You say that if we depend on Ishwar, we will get everything we need !!! Why should I rely on Ishwar who can't even give me an early meal?

The Guru did not say anything for a while. Then he asked the disciple: 'I will give you some more money. May I have your eyes? '

The disciple said: 'Will my eyesight be lost if I give you my eyes? Will anyone sell his eys for any amount of money? '
‘Then no eyes. Can you give me your tongue? '
‘How will I be able to speak without my tongue then?’
‘Then, can you give me your hands? If not that, even your legs may be enough, I will give you a lot of money. "

Immediately the disciple responded: 'Our whole body is worth more than money. Would anyone be willing to lose it? '

Knowing the attitude of the disciple, the Guru said: your body is worth whatever lakhs of rupees. Remember that this is what God has given you without any reward. Yet, you blame God. This precious body is not what God has given you to be lazy; It is to live and work carefully. '

You could not find success in life without much effort in this world. To say that God will take care of everything without being willing to work is a sign of laziness.

"You will not be able to find the results, if you are staying idle on the occasions, you would have to work. God has given us life, health and intelligence to not waste our lives. You must be prepared to work according to human nature"

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