If you have a strong will and a huge desire to achieve something, an unseen power will fulfil that into completion. I will tell you one such kind of a story that happened in America.
      Charles Paddock (1900 - 1943) was the first athlete to earn the title of fastest man. The American, who served in World War I, won two gold and one silver medal at the 1920 Olympics in Belgium.
      Charles also competed in the 1924 Olympics in Paris, where he had to settle for a silver medal in the 200 meters. However, his record for short-distance running in 1921 was broken only in 1956.

      After retiring from athletics, he worked for some newspapers. In the meantime, he became a good orator and used to give inspirational classes to students and young people.
One day Paddock was talking to students at East Tech High School in Cleveland, Ohio. In the meanwhile, he said: If you firmly believe that you can do something, then surely you can do it. If you want to achieve something, you must achieve it. "
  As the students listened intently, he continued: "Who knows, you may have an Olympic champion with you!"After that talk, a slim boy came to him and said that If I am just able to be a champion like you, I will do whatever it takes to achieve that.
That guy has made a big difference since then. Along with his studies, he worked hard to stay ahead in sports. Inspired by Paddock at the time, he was the sports legend Jesse Owens, who later won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics.

    When Owens returned to Cleveland as a winner from Berlin, he received an outstanding reception. During the reception, a black boy told Owens: "I'm willing to make any kind of sacrifice to become an Olympic champion like you."
      Then Owens said to the boy, "son, you know, this is what I desired in my childhood." That’s how I worked hard and became a champion. If you believe you can, you will become a champion. "
      The boy who listened to Owens' advice later became known as Harrison Dillard. Dillard won the gold medal in the 100 meters at the 1948 Olympics in London.
They are the three greatest Olympic winners the United States has ever seen. From these, Owens and Harrison were of black descent from poor living conditions. Their environment was not favourable for them to grow and develop in life. Still, they did not give up rather, they worked hard to make their dream come true. That's how they became winners.
   It is true that we need favourable circumstances to succeed in life. Though, who else, think to strive for their real life achievement only after they got a favourable environment is just a misconception.
No matter what our circumstances, if we have a sincere desire to learn, grow, and succeed in life, we will succeed for sure.
It is said that our desires have magical powers. If we sincerely want something, we will work hard to make it happen. We will give up lunch and sleep and instead, we fed up  fighting for the goal. Isn't it for sure, then, that our attitude is the key to our success?
"If you compete with your negative strokes and physical challenges by your unquenchable aspiration and strong desire, God will fulfil your dreams and desires one day, So wait for the call of God"