1.How if i masturbate using something; whether does that break the fasting or not?

A. Dear brothers and sisters, masturbating is a mere forbidden thing in Islam whether or not that in month of Ramadan. First of all, you know that whatever the method you use to ejaculate your sperm out will definitely break your fasting and you need repenting Allah for that because you admitted two sins in a row since the masturbating with your own hands are known clearly as prohibited and over that, to break the fasting using that prohibited method doubles your sin. Allah knows the best. 

2.Does it break the fasting to swallow that what is bleeding from within gum consciously or unconsciously?

A.Dear brothers and sisters, you might be excused for swallowing the blood comes out of your gum if it is hard to prevent it Insha Allah. 

3.Can a fasting person use oxygen?

A.Asthma sufferers are allowed to inhale oxygen, which contains only air for breathing. This is the fate of the breath itself. It cannot be included in the category of food and beverages. But if the medicine is added to oxygen, the fast will be weakened due to the medicine reaching the stomach through the mouth.

4. Can fasting be broken by injecting drugs .?

A.Fasting is broken by injecting drugs into the body through the ears, nose and urethra and injecting the drug through the rectum. But fasting is not broken by injecting drugs into the eyes and making it look like eye lining

5.Can fasting be broken by washing the stomach .?

A.Fasting is broken by washing the stomach. The stomach is flushed as water enters the intestines through the back door. The intestine belongs to the the interior part of the body. It is stated in Tuhfa 3/402 that fasting is broken if it is carried through the back door.

Although it does not reach the intestines, the inside of the abdomen is included the inner part of the body . If any object enters during the belly surgery, the fasting room will be broken. Even if the head is operated on and something new gets close to the brain, the fasting will be broken also... 

 (Tuhfa 3/402).

6.Can fasting be broken by surgery, amputation or amputation? 

A.Fasting is not broken by surgery on the arm or leg. Shocking and amputation will not break the fasting

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