In 2020 march, all schools in the world are closed by governments due to the coronavirus pandemic, by which closed 185 countries at the end of this month, resulting in the great heavy fall down in all educational level. 
                  The speed of corona spreading as just sowed discords among the current educational and learning system that even influenced opportunities and risks of students to get into the highest level education lack of present education system 
                   In front us, the only possible way for education became e-learning or distance learning, even though, it will strengthen the teaching and learning approaches, but we know that distance learning is not working properly well and teachers do not have excessive support to do their jobs well and also students cannot be protected from antilearning factors and mal activities during e-learning 
To face the above challenges, we should arrange an e-learning platform in a good manner as discussed below 
  •  First: various e-learning approaches and integrated platforms will be tried and tested to avoid the laziness of students.
  •  Second: Teachers and schools will receive more respect, appreciation and support for their important role in society and government should grant financial support 
  • Third: Quality teaching and learning materials will be better used more widely.
  • Forth: Teacher's collaboration with students will grow and help improve learning.
  • Fifth: irrespective of their teaching quality, teachers should be capable to provide sort of acting practices 
In short, today sustained education development has reached at a level where we have to adapt some more functions and systems. For this, previous mentioned methods should be followed and implied